Former 1st District Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt has opened a committee to run for the state assembly in 2014, pending Assemblyman Tim Donnelly’s decision to run for governor.

Mitzelfelt said that he has transferred the remaining balance in his supervisorial campaign fund to his Brad Mitzelfelt for Assembly account, which totals $126,210. … (Continued below) …

… From the Daily Press, January 15, 2013 … By Lynnea Lombardo, Staff Writer … (Continued below) …

… If Donnelly runs for governor in 2014, that would create a vacancy that would be up for grabs, Mitzelfelt said.

“Right now, this is just something I’m considering,” Mitzelfelt said. “I haven’t decided yet for sure — a big deciding factor is whether Donnelly is running or not. I have no intention of running against him. It’s just one option that I’m looking at.”

Mitzelfelt said that as a former supervisor he is well aware of the problems local governments deal with because of state laws.

“I can do a lot of things to improve this district,” Mitzelfelt said. “I think that there is support on both sides of the isles in Sacramento for reform of these onerous laws and regulations that are driving businesses away from California.”

Mitzelfelt said that his contacts and experiences would help him build the types of coalitions necessary to achieve those types of reforms in Sacramento.


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